Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NEW on DVD - "Stop-Loss"

Stop-Loss, A story following the homecoming of decorated Iraq War heroes and Texas Hometown Heroes, SSgt. Brandon King [Ryan Phillippe] and Sgt. Steve Shriver [Channing Tatum]. The story is an inside look into the harsh reality that is the emotion soldiers go through re-adjusting back to their lives they had to leave behind. To me the talented cast which also included Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tommy Burgess, and Timothy Olyphant as Lt. Col. Boot Miller, did a great job conveying a much needed inside look at the heartache and emotional roller coaster both the soldier's family and solider go through trying to just get back to the lives they once knew. All in all this movie is definitely worth buying or renting, I give this film Four Stars for both Cinema and Family Home Movie nights.

-Thee Movie Maniac

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