Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why So Serious? - I Review "The Dark Knight"

The Dark Knight, a powerful story of love and knowing your limits, is Christopher Nolan's Return as Director from his critical, triumphant, and foremost fan favorite, Batman Begins.

The Dark Knight showcases great screenwriting and powerful acting talents. Bringing Christian Bale back as Bruce Wayne/Batman, who steps up his hero game, perfectly portraying the fight of pushing the limits of your mind and heart without losing yourself to madness. Nolan brought back Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, each bringing both great emotion and intensity to the film. Gary Oldman is back as a deep, powerful, and smart police commissioner.. er... uh!?... Lieutenant James Gordon. The dark Knight also introduces three new character re-embodiments, The Joker [Heath Ledger], Harvey Dent/Two-Face [Aaron Eckhart], and Rachel Dawes [Maggie Gyllenhaal]. Maggie Gyllenhaal brings a much needed talent to the role of Rachel Dawes. Maggie really embodies what Mrs. Dawes, Bruce's true love interest and his tether to reality. The re-invented role of Harvey Dent/Two-Face played by Aaron Eckhart is a great story of battle of the heart and soul of Gotham Cities much needed White Knight and how even the best of societies good doers can be brought down to the levels of hate and the criminal mind. The story reveals how easy it is for a tragedy like losing ones loved one in traumatic act of evil. Acts of evil brought to us courtesy of The "Maniacal" Joker, impressively embodied by Heath Ledger. Ledgers performance is the most maniacal and amazing performance that reveals the dark reality of Batman and The Joker being the same just empowered by different sides of their law/morals. Without one their cannot be two, They completed each other in a chaotic Good V.S. Evil battle within. Ledgers performance is a breath taking and extremely powerful array of talent. Alongside the powerful performances by both Heath Ledger and Christian Bale, The Dark Knight packs action, emotion, and intriguing questions into every twist and turn. Along with the amazing Art Direction, The film raises many questions... What does it mean to say someone is a Hero?, How far would you go to protect the ones you love/loved from danger?... How about the ones you don't know?, and how far can someone be pushed without losing themselves to madness?

The Dark Knight answers all of these questions and more. In what is my opinion one of the best Batman... Superhero movies of our time. This movie embodies great Direction with an all-star cast and script, making the humor, intensity, and action flow seamlessly into what I Give a Five-Star rated Blockbuster.

- Thee Movie Maniac

"Why So serious?, What doesn't Kill you... Just Makes You Stranger!"


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